Taking advantage of the opportunity to work on my background scenery and make more stork comics at the same time! I’m actually surprised I got this colored completely before the deadline…

This happened a year ago now while my friend was visiting from Norway, and having witnessed it is a special bond between us that will never be broken.

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why not REAL coffee?

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The Pumpkin Spice comes closer and closer every year! 

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Just wanted to thank everyone that’s sending suggestions for future prompts/challenges/themes/settings! Keep ‘em coming! I will definitely credit you if you I end using your idea.

If you have suggestions, just send them in to the ask box

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Sir, how dare you, I am a dancing queen *disclaimer: artist cannot dance. at all.*

-Aggressively Ok

Joe is quite an original guy.

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Comix Warriors Week #48:  Coffee Shop

Submissions open from 08/27/14 - 09/02/14, due at 11:59pm EST. Not sure of the time? Check the countdown timer on the blog’s main page!

We have a new category for challenges this week, warriors! Pay attention! This week, you may create a comic about featuring any characters and storyline you like, but the events of the comic must take place in a coffee shop! 

Note: Everyone is welcome to suggest ideas for future challenges, themes, or settings. Try it out! Send me an ask. You might just see your idea posted in a week to come. :) 

Quick Rules Recap: 

01. Submissions must be 1 page or less, and please try to limit pages to 2000px tall or less.

02. Submissions must relate to the current week’s challenge.

03. Submissions must be suitable for PG-13 audiences (see here for more info on this.)

04. All submissions must be original and made specifically for this challenge.

Please use the submit feature to post your comic when you’re done!

Questions? Read the FAQ and other info on the left side of the blog. Or send me an ask if you need to and I’ll be happy to let you in on the comix secrets.

Reblorbin’! Remember this week’s challenge is to use a setting rather than a typical theme!


Now that summer is starting to wind down, I can’t wait to pull up a pair of mismatched chairs and enjoy a fall-themed latte! I never cared for those frozen coffee monstrosities they sell in the summer time…

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