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Comix Warriors Week #29:  Disaster Preparedness

Submissions open from 04/16/14 - 04/22/14, due at 11:59pm EST. Not sure of the time? Check the countdown timer on the blog’s main page!

Whether it’s typhoons, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, zombie invasion, nuclear war, or just the possibility of a long stint of unemployment, many people have a plan to cope with disaster. Some have secret bunkers, some have emergency savings accounts, some just have a couple extra canned goods set aside. This week, I ask you Warriors to think about the possibility of some disaster and how to prepare for it, and make a comic about it. Make it as realistic & practical or as farfetched as you want!

Quick Rules Recap: 

01. Submissions must be 1 page or less, and please try to limit pages to 2000px tall or less.

02. Submissions must relate to the current week’s challenge.

03. Submissions must be suitable for PG-13 audiences (see here for more info on this.)

04. All submissions must be made specifically for this challenge.

Please use the submit feature to post your comic when you’re done!

Questions? Read the FAQ and other info on the left side of the blog. Or send me an ask if you need to and I’ll be happy to let you in on the comix secrets.

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I keep meaning to make comics, but they always come out more morbid that I hope. I couldn’t resist this weeks topic though I don’t really have the time either.

Just some corgi feels. Moving to a new country.

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dogs are literally my favourite and i absolutely loved this week’s prompt.

-Pete Rude

My dorky weatherman ♥

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,We have a dog, his name is Ian. He is not the smartest, but we love him a lot.

And we basically constantly have imaginary conversations with him.

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Dang ol’ dog

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This week I decided to draw mine and my bb Hachi's magical girl characters for the first time in ages! (Without so much as a sketch first, so… OTL) Talking to other familiars can come with some difficulties.

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This week’s submission is short but sweet.

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